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You're About To Discover The Fastest, Most Powerful Way Possible To Earning More Cash In Your Networking and Internet Marketing Business…


(By leveraging a simple system that automates every part of your online marketing…)

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Dear Friend,

In a moment I'll give you three simple tips proven…

  • To give you instant exposure…
  • Flood your business with leads…
  • Transform those leads in to customers…

And finally unlock the ultimate short cut to reaching your income and freedom goals faster than you ever thought possible….

You'll also discover the fatal mistake that's the root cause of why so many network marketers end up running in circles without seeing any real or sustainable success online… and exactly how to avoid it…

My name is Cedric Harris, over the last few years I've seen monumental success in the network marketing industry thanks to the Internet…

I coached hundreds of people to success through their home based business, I'm an author, and have best selling products on the subject of building a network marketing business online…

Even becoming the top income earner in 3 network marketing companies in a row…

Now as you continue to watch this presentation I'll tell you how I've helped everyday folks like you and me achieve 5, 6, and 7 figure incomes in their home based businesses…

And you'll see exactly where I'm focusing my full attention on today because I'm totally confident that's its the most powerful platform for anyone, young or old, newbie or veteran to launch and accelerate any internet business with the flip of a switch…

However, since our time is short let's cover the first cash-generating tip…

To begin, avoid at all costs bright shiny object syndrome.

Most people believe having multiple steams of income is a good thing.

And believe me it is.

However, it only works if you've perfected the system you use to generate these income streams.

Otherwise you're wasting your energy chasing dreams with nothing every becoming reality.

Think of it this way… if you're chasing too many rabbits, you'll end up empty handed.

But if you've got the perfect trap it all gets easy.

You don't have to avoid multiple income streams forever, you just need to zero in on a system that works first, them put it into action, so you can automate, rinse, and repeat.

Successful marketers and top income earners know the key to business success is leverage, systems and automation.

Avoid Bright Shiny Objects and focus on your proven marketing system first and you'll see a dramatic increase in the leads you get and the income you earn.

Just picture it.

Wake up every morning knowing your business is filling your bank account around the clock for you without effort or resistance and you're generating sales even while you sleep.

If that's not all imagine the feeling of freeing yourself from all the worry, doubt, stress, fear, and frustration of figuring things out on your own… because the proven system does it all for you.

It's it incredible – just zeroing in on your first goal to give you the income freedom you're looking for opens up the doors to a new world of success that you can duplicate again and again.

Now here's my second tip, and it's “mission critical” for generating massive income online.

Just be warned, if you ignore this tip you can virtually forget about succeeding online.

So here's the important thing you need to know.

You must have a “marketing funnel” that takes your website visitor by the hand and leads them down a “greased shoot” to closing the sale.

The marketing funnel you use, however, must follow a very specific path:

First, you collect leads using a capture page that gives your prospect an “ethical bribe”.

It's the concept of a small yes and reciprocity.

That means you're giving someone value first before asking anything in return.

This builds credibility, authority, and trust.

Here are some examples of highly effective capture pages we use…



You need a message that is proven to convert a cold prospect into a warm lead, then finally an ecstatic customer ready to do business with you.

This could be a sales letter or a video message.

But whatever the media – it has to be proven to convert and built on time-tested masterful selling psychology.

Finally, you need something to offer that will make a dramatic positive impact and delivers fast results for your customers.

Again, the key to it all is having a PROVEN system that works for you built on time tested psychological triggers that generate results…

The smartest online marketers fine-tune their marketing messages and even employ high paid advertising copywriters and designers to make positively sure their funnels convert…

My last tip for you is that you've got to have traffic.

It's simple.

Online marketing is all about getting visitors to your marketing funnel.

Traffic + Conversion = Money

 When you have a high converting marketing funnel proven to make sales, and a steady source of quality website traffic – then you make sales.

It's simple and at that point marketing becomes a numbers game.

That's whom marketers can make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars online…

Because of a system that works for them around the clock generating traffic and producing sales…

I'll tell you specific ways can generate high quality traffic in a moment.

However, lets me give you simple good news first…

Simply by avoiding the Bright Shiny Objects, focusing on systems that automate and grow your business…

And by applying the advanced funnel and traffic strategies that I'll share with you in just less than a minute…

Here's what you can expect to experience…

Your networking and online business reaching new height of success.

Waking up each morning to new leads, new sales, new team members.

You'll see the shock in the eyes of your family and friends as you go from struggling in your business to achieving the money and freedom you know you deserve.


And, maybe best of all, not having to feel the stress of frustration of chasing dreams – instead you turn your dreams into reality.


Introducing One Up Marketing

OneUp Marketing


This is the world's first and only “point-and-click” networking and online marketing platform that gives you all the tools you need in one place proven to automate your Home Based Business…


Plus, this system is a fine tuned profit-generating machine complete with traffic and conversion to help you flood your primary business with leads…


And also give you immediate access to a proven moneymaking profit center… (I'll tell you more about that later…


NOW… you can:


Plug and Play into proven marketing systems that attracts hot, qualified prospects to your primary business complete…


Gain instant access to high converting lead capture pages, proven and tested marketing funnels, email follow up systems, social media tools, plus ongoing accountability and support…


Generate cash online faster and easier than ever plugging into a hot new profit center that's been fine-tuned to convert.


And more.


Testimonials for One Up Marketing coming in all the time.


Here are a few I want you to pay close attention too…


Testimonial Video 1

Testimonial Video 2

Testimonial Video 3


As you can see One Up Marketing is creating quite the buzz…

However. I don't want you to take my work for it.


And I don't want you to believe some strangers testimonial you see on some video.


I want to PROVE to you One Up Marketing does everything I say it does and a whole lot more.


To do that I'm giving you an insane offer for you to test-drive One Up Marketing for yourself


And PROVE that by instantly unleashing this system into you business you can see an increase in leads, sales, team members, and profits…. Guaranteed.


Here's what I mean…


I'm doing 2 crazy things to prove that One Up Marketing will make a positive difference in your business and life.


First, I want you to take a test drive of the entire One Up Marketing System for 7 days for only $1.



For just 1 dollar you get complete and full access to the entre One Up Marketing System.


You'll be able to immediately sky rocket your online marketing efforts all from one simple dashboard designed to get you more leads, and more sales around the clock – even while you're sleeping.


For just 1 dollar today…


You'll get access to all the tools within the system including:


  • Proven lead capture pages and marketing funnels so you can start attracting hot new leads immediately and convert them into sales.
  • Super fast media hosting for videos or audios…
  • Our custom email and video email platform to send high impact messages to your team…
  • And our social media posting software to get you found everywhere.


Plus you'll get the training and support you need to succeed through our on-demand training library, our weekly live marketing trainings, and our private mastermind and support group.


One Up Marketing plugs right into any primary business.


Within minutes of joining this unique community for tools and support you'll be able to start generating leads for whatever business you're in.


The key to success in any business is consistency, sustainability, and scalability — One up Marketing Gives You That right out the gate.


Now I just said I'm doing 2 crazy things for you today.


Here's the second crazy thing.


Follow with me.


After you're 7 day trial is up you'll have one of two decisions.


The First decision is you can say you love the awesome business building, cash-getting power of One Up Marketing and you want to stay with our community and us…


That's awesome. Do nothing and you'll be charged the founding members rate of $97 per month for as long as you stay on board.


There's no contract, and you can cancel at any time.


And you'll be able to enjoy the amazing results the One Up Marketing Platform can create for you in your business.


The second decision you can make is that One Up Marketing isn't right for you.


If that's the case let us know within the first 7 days that you want to cancel your membership and you won't be charge again.


Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Just let us know, no questions asked, and we'll part as friends.


30 Day Guarantee Logo


However, if you do decide to stay on board with us past you're 7 day trial I'm going to extend a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the day you activate the One Up Marketing System for your business.


This means your decision today is entirely risk free.


Take your entire first month to review the system and use it in your business, then at the end of the first 30 days you tell us if One Up Marketing is right for you.


We're so confident that it is, we can make this bold move.


And believe me, we know One Up Marketing can make a dramatic difference in how you attract the right prospects, close sales, and nurture your customers for long term success.


If this is right for you then you must, right now.


Click on the button below this message right how that says…


And you'll claim instant access into the One Up marketing Community today!


Click the button to get started right away.


You'll also see exactly what you can expect in the system.


And also more amazing testimonials from actual users who are raving about One Up Marketing.


Still, despite the fact that we're doing everything we can to PROVE we can generate results for you first, let's make your decision today an absolute no brainer.


You really have two decisions today.


First, you can take advantage of all the benefits this copy and paste, plug and play simple business system has to offer you.


And immediately use proven marketing funnels to drive high quality leads into your business…


Or you can opt for more struggle, fewer (or no) online sales, the stress of money worries and lack of time and financial freedom despite your best efforts…


And continue your frustration of not reaching your income and lifestyle goals you know you deserve.


Make the only smart move you can right now and click the…


“Yes! I want Full Access To Test Drive One Up Marketing For 7-Days For Just $1” Button Below and secure your instant access to the One Up Marketing platform.



Do it now and this is exactly what you'll see on the inside of this system.


(Quick screenshot of inside the system)


You'll see everything is point and click easy.


We've made it simple for anyone, young or old, with out prior experience, without any tech knowledge – to make it big in your business through online marketing.


You're plugging into something that's proven and can generate you fast cash online.


And here's the kicker, in addition to your primary business, one up marketing is your instant profit center.


You'll be able to promote One Up Marketing using our proven marketing funnels and built in traffic co-ops to start making you money immediately.


And that's exciting because you'll get 50% of every sale generated using our marketing funnels…


And 10% of sales made by anyone you refer…


At $97 per month, your commission is $48.50 each month…


Plus 10% override on any sales they refer – using our proven marketing funnels!


And that's just the START of the how you can make money as a One Up Marketing member!


Trust me, it adds up!


We've thought of everything to help you make your life easier and make your business mode profitable.


You can get started to day and experience the full power of the One Up Marketing System for yourself to start earning more cash online simply by putting our platform to work for you.


Go ahead and click the big orange “Yes! I want my test-drive button” and get started for just $1.


You'll be taken to a secure reservation form.


Once you complete that you be send instant access to the One Up Marketing System so you can put it into action and get results right away.


Remember, this decision today is entirely risk free and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.


You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain


Do it now, claim your spot..


I'll see you on the inside!


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  1. Peggy Sunday on April 16, 2014 at 9:31 am

    This sounds totally awesome I know this will convert traffic I can not wait to get started..

    • oneup on April 16, 2014 at 10:36 pm

      We look forward to helping you become successful 🙂

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